Friday, December 09, 2005

feeling upset

over something so fucking stupid, i'm on messageboard for support and that as being a new mother and apparently you're supposed to respond to every post and comment on every picture. well i fucking cant. i'm either tending to my daughter or telling my hubby i need to get out of the house.
so instead of making a scene i let them know after xmas i will depart the board. since i'm so unsupportive to them(all of us there have 5-7 month old babies how are we supposed to respond to everything there)
it highly upsets me that someone thinks i'm so wrong and rotten, i know they were making comments about me on the sly(oh my hubby will get so pissed if i left my kid on the bed) yea thats right i know that was about me cause i left my kid on the bed cause my floor is trashed and theres no room to set her on the floor til things in my house get straight
anyway i really dont give a fuck cause i know i'm a damn good mother, my daughter loves me and lets me know(hell i walked out of a room and she calls for me)
anyway i would have posted this else where but then there'd be drama and since only one person i know has seen my blog here then i dont care.
anyway i'm gonna go and do something today

the word of the day is bitch.....go tell someone their a bitch and walk away


Serendipity said...
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Serendipity said...

Drat...I can't even type a frigging "it".

I love this blog. It's like SouthPark. We can bitch all we want, and no offense must be taken.

MomSquared said...

Sorry about that, Lissa!

It's hard to find a good board...I guess this just isn't the one for you!!

I hope Sarah is doing well. I want to see some pictures!