Thursday, January 08, 2009

would things have been different

years ago i was involved in hiding a friend cheating on her husband sometimes i wonder where things would have gone if i had told someone that knew him. i had a chance to tell one of his freinds and i didnt, i was already removed from the situation and group of people involved.
would i have the husband or children i have if i simply told someone on the phone **** cheated i'm sorry but someone needs to tell ****. if i had done that would she have gotten what she deserved.
i ran into them about a year later i was in a better place so i walked by without a word or gesture(it was a thought to flip the bird and call her a slut but she paid the price for cheating it cost her a job(you cant proposition everyone you meet, she even passed her number to other guys i knew now that was funny cause i had a large group of friends then)
here it is 8 yrs later i have a wonderful husband and adorable kids. i dont think i would change it but i wish i had said something all those years ago.