Saturday, April 29, 2006

i'm so over it!

my oldest brother and his ways that is. he needs to grow the fuck up and take accountability for his actions. i'm damn close to washing my hands of him. his stupid ass told his wife that left him he'd either live with parents or me! who the fuck said he's living with me! not me i know.
he still owes me money from 3 years ago and i havent forgotten. he cant live with me anyway i live in military housing that mean no moochers that and i'm allergic to his menthol cigarettes so he cant be near me.
i'm so over his stupidity and that this is his 2nd wife that he's pushed out.
fuckin idiot
if anyone want a useless brother they can have mine

Saturday, April 15, 2006

yea thats right fuck my day up will ya!

why is it family can really fuck your day up? i make 2 calls to my folks to see about this weekends plans and now i'm upset and pissed off. i was really hoping to spend time with them but no cause my sister in law is in a fucking MOOD. fuck she just wrecked my good mood and prolly the rest of my weekend.
now i also have to possibly deal with my other brother finding out i'm talking to his ex-wife who i was friends with in highschool years ago. i didnt hate her when they split up i just never talked to her cause they were in another state.
what the fuck gives my family the damned right to run my life when i'm 25?! i put up with it for years now i have to pretty much make sure princess is in a good mood just for me to visit my parents cause they live with them..its my parents home i shouldnt need their fucking permission to take my daughter there to see her grandparents and her cousin. fuck i'm pissed off
i started crying til i got mad which was about 2 minutes then decided since i had this it was going here.
my husband hates how they interfer in my life, i've been told which friends they did or didnt trust plus the guys i had dated which ones they liked and which ones they didnt so i didnt get to learn from my mistakes. well fuck i got my chance to do it as an adult and damn it i'm gonna be friends with who the hell i want to damn it.
well i might as well find my daughters outfit and set it aside so she can get her easter bunny picture taken today cause i need some peace

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Knitting makes mommy happy

oh yes knitting its been my way to unwind for a while but this past couple of weeks i've been really working on it. my scarf that i've been knitting since i was pregnant last year is now 40 inches + long. i'm not really sure how long it is cause my tape measure runs out at 39 inches.
its quite relaxing for me lately with my daughter teething and my hubby talking about his job options.
i am still annoyed that i need to buy a new set of bamboo needles cause my cat may have chewed on one. i really loved this set of needles they were perfect and smooth now one has about an inch chewed on.
i have also decided on something, when i have the money i want to get a set of needles thru a ball of yarn tattooed on my leg for the fact i've kept with it for so many years even tho i hadnt knit so much til i was looking for something to do while pregnant.
i had learned to knit watching my mom then reversing what she did to make it work for me, now after 10 years its time for me to learn more i'm hoping to learn new things once this scarf is finished which hopefully is gonna be in a month or so.
well time to get back to my work this scarf aint gonna knit itself.