Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last June Post

again another month has passed.....
my daughter is 1 now and very much a toddler. she's walking and talks back(wait isn't that supposed to start at 13?)
as for me i'm still knitting as it stands i have 3 projects going and the 4th one was already unraveled after i got really annoyed with the yarn so that one may be done with something else along with the crappy yarn.
today i decided to make another hat and much to my own dismay its twisted yep thats right i cant keep the damn thing straight which means i have to start over and damn if it isnt 2am i'd start it over but no i want to see exactly how twisted i got it before i start it over. i should be proud i'm attempting this but i've only tried knitting in a round 2 times and this is the 2nd one..... havent figured out how i got it twisted yet
i've also learned just how long i can tolerate my MIL in my home, its not a very long time i'd say 1 day before i'm pulling my hair out(shhh i played nice last week and bit my tongue alot)
oh well back to the hat before i pull it apart

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats right in 20 days is my baby's 1st birthday party! we bought her presents and the 15th i'm getting decorations and food there may be no theme by then.
as for my getting out of control hobby........
2 finished projects Scarf and Shawl
2 in progress projects Hat to match Scarf and a self designed Shawl Shrug i think
in progress right now means its not visible to tell what it is yet the hat is just a 4 inch wide strip and the other is getting out of control and becoming a massive pain in my ass(i designed it and somehow its taking on a life of its own)
i wanted to make something that will cover but be cute and i didnt think that i wanted til i actually started on it......ask me in a month what it resembles

i've calmed my posts down lately the knitting has really helped make me calmer in my life after the stress we've dealt with and its relaxing and distracting enough to help me diet as well