Friday, January 26, 2007

whoops forgot to update

yea ok i suck at this i know i do but its really not my fault my laptop has been dead since Dec.
Dec 5th we found out what we're having....a precious little boy
Dec 25th we announced his name to family James Aleksander

now its jan 26th and i'm 27 weeks 2 days pg.....if you do the math its only 89/88 days til he's due and i'm not ready!!!!!
i havent bought anything big yet, he's already got a crib, stroller and car seat i dont think he's gonna notice that those are from his sister and the travel system isnt too girly.
i still need to get some medium sized things like a bouncer and a highchair and a new crib mattress. he's gonna need clothes too..unless he can wear a bunch of pink stuff ok its not pink its mostly purple lol. i have sleepers and stuff but i dont know what i still have left from the last time since i gave alot of clothes away.

as for my princess she's doing so well she knows mommy has a baby in her belly, of course she thinks she does too so i keep correcting her as she flashes me lol. she's quite vocal and lets you know what she wants even if its cheese all the time or juice. she knows kitty cat, spongebob squarepants (why oh why oh why) which sounds more like bobbob, she gets excited when that show comes on same with backyardigans but she doenst say any character names yet, she knows fish , nite nite, two, oww,and chips she has more but i cant distinguish the current words shes come up with. she's 19 months old now and walks like a champ takes off running like one too. she chases the cat around the living room going "kikat" and if you walk into the kitchen she runs to the gate and asks for cheese, i should be glad its not cookies right?

i still cant believe i'll have 2 under 2 in 3 short months. it still gets me that in 2004 the drs didnt have an answer for why i wasnt getting pregnant and now i've done it on my own twice!