Saturday, August 11, 2007

surgery yesterday

well yesterday became the end of my baby making days. i had a tubal done after having a freak iud incident. it feels weird yet like nothing happened except for the bandaids and bleeding you'd never know i had somehting done. i'm not in any pain but its only 24 hours past it.
my hand is a little sore from the iv and the numbing shot but its not bruised like my elbow is from having blood drawn 2 days before surgery..
thats my sad pathetic news
the good news is my little guy started rolling today, he goes belly to back to die and back to his back before getting mad, he hasnt made the complete roll over yet but he did it today. me and hubby are happy that he did it i never thought he was going to cause he hates being on his tummy but lo and behold today was the day he rolled over.