Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Feeling burnt out

for the last few weeks i feel like all i've done is make everyone happy, tending to their needs and not taking time for myself. i hit my limit with today...
sarah refusing to nap and screaming, i gave her a bottle she started screaming again so i gave her baby tylenol cause she's teething....still screams so i get up to get her teething tablets and just as i do that hubby comes home. it hits me hard too i'm starting to feel burnt out, i spend so much time with the baby and trying to deal with the house that i'm so tired yet i'm not tired enough to sleep.
my hubby is always bugging me about sex and he knows full well that my body is so out of whack that i have no sexual desires or even feel sexy. his constant pestering doesnt help my feelings cause i just cant bring myself to have sex with him.
i'm still trying to lose the weight i've gained since 2003 but i've lost all modivation to do so even tho i got the workout tapes i wanted for xmas.
my only effort at me time these days is coffee and a shower......i went out yesterday to see a girlfriend that lives near me.
i just want one day that i can go out and have some fun without feeling guilty for not being home taking care of my husband and my daughter.

todays word of the day is in shit i broke a glass cause the baby was screaming earlier

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