Tuesday, May 09, 2006

destressed.....and creative

i found something that helps me calm down, it helps so much however its gonna put a hole in my pocket cause its a knitting hobby....
give or take for the past 10 years i've known how to do it but only since my daughter is becoming mobile have i had the time and patience to work on it, plus the stress from dealing with oldest brother i've had alotta time on my hands and have been knitting alot
first project was a scarf length of time on project was a year(i stopped for months while pregnant my hands were too swollen to bend) now its done and i mean DONE!!!!! its total length is 8ft and is at the widest i want to say 6 inches but mostly 4-5 inches. i'm proud of myself for it since i did most of the work in 2 months time and only used 1 ball of yarn
so in that i have pictures from the past month of progress
taken 4/15/06

taken 4/29/06

taken on 5/8/06 the morning after i finished

and my addictted self has already begun Project #2 a Shawl in a similar yarn only much lighter that may become wider than my needles are(circular needles are a blessing but my curse cause i only have 2 and they are 29 inches.......mommy is gonna need some wider needles and some more yarn if this habit of mine gets outta control
at least my mom is proud of me

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Serendipity said...

I just learned knitting myself and I love it.

I am doing this sampler squares to make and afghan. I sure hope I finish it. I did crochet forever.