Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last June Post

again another month has passed.....
my daughter is 1 now and very much a toddler. she's walking and talks back(wait isn't that supposed to start at 13?)
as for me i'm still knitting as it stands i have 3 projects going and the 4th one was already unraveled after i got really annoyed with the yarn so that one may be done with something else along with the crappy yarn.
today i decided to make another hat and much to my own dismay its twisted yep thats right i cant keep the damn thing straight which means i have to start over and damn if it isnt 2am i'd start it over but no i want to see exactly how twisted i got it before i start it over. i should be proud i'm attempting this but i've only tried knitting in a round 2 times and this is the 2nd one..... havent figured out how i got it twisted yet
i've also learned just how long i can tolerate my MIL in my home, its not a very long time i'd say 1 day before i'm pulling my hair out(shhh i played nice last week and bit my tongue alot)
oh well back to the hat before i pull it apart

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