Tuesday, October 11, 2005

lack of sleep related thoughts

i've had a sick family for a week and i havent had a decent nights sleep cause of it. i'm the one up with the baby cause she's had a cold and wont sleep unless she's really warm. she's a mini heater and sweats alot so i'm feeling sticky as it is. oh well she's just like her daddy i cuddle up to him when i'm cold except when i'm sick i dont want him near me cause i'm hot as hell. anyway i cant figure how 3 people can have 3 different sicknesses in the same house, baby has a cold, i have sinusitus soon to be a cough gee thanks doc and hubby has some unknown infection.
anyway here it is i'm on my 4th attempt at getting the baby to sleep and i know if i take her off this couch she's gonna wake up so guess where i have to sleep tonight- the couch if i can get her to sleep in her swing.
tomorrow is gonna be hell cause theres stuff that needs to be done and i wont be able to function as usual
we're supposed to be moving next month so i'm hoping my lease actually does end when i think it does. guess hubby needs to double check cause i've always got my hands full with the baby. gotta get her 4 month appt scheduled and some other stuff done

things we need to do this coming month
get boxes
take out the trash
get rid of the stuff we dont use or wear

i just dont get it why the baby wont sleep and stay asleep when she goes to sleep at night 4 times now she's woken up since 10pm its now really really late and the alarm clock goes off at 630 someone has to remind hubby he still has to go to work in the morning after all i got the 24/7 job of being mommy. i love my daughter but i miss being able to function and really want a couple days rest cause i really do spend a large part of my day taking care of her and if i cant function she's not getting what she needs like an awake mommy or a patient mommy
so what am i doing up at this hour still easy i'm trying to breathe cause i have a sinus infection it takes me another hour or two to get to sleep cause of it cause i start coughing if i'm not careful.
ok lil miss sweaty head has gotten my leg all sweaty i need to move her to her swing or something

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