Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting things off my mind

This has been bothering me for years and since yesterday was 9/11 i have to say this. call me heartless and cold but what the fuck 9/11 was 4 years ago and people cant get over it but when the USS Cole was bombed Oct 12, 2000 no one seems to give a shit.
i didnt lose anyone to 9/11 i was a newly wed to a sailor at the time. we lost a week to him being kept on his ship to "just in case".
however i had a friend on the USS Cole that wasnt killed but he was affected by it. I had several friends on that ship that i had met the year before it had happened. i still remember what i was doing the morning of Oct 12, 2000. i was hungover and had to play sober when my mother called me to give me the news. i had to work that day and couldnt function i had even told my boss if someone called for me i needed to take the call since it was literal life or death.
Its been almost 5 years since then and its rarely talked about yet people are frantic about 9/11. i mean women panic if their due dates are that day like omg its gonna happen again. what the fuck it was 4 years ago make the day something special. get married have kids do it on that day quit making it a depressing day cause some of us have lives that wont stop for one day out of the year.
In 2003 my husband was overseas when the war started and someone once told me it didnt count as him being there because he wasnt on the ground oh bullshit. those men and women are all over there for this it doesnt fucking matter if they are on a boat or on the land they are all there for the same damn thing and thats freedom. fucking get over it for those who think its a bullshit war its for freedom and its as simple as that.
i had to get this off my mind as its been bothering me for so long.
anyway the word of the day is bullshit go use it in something

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