Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Knitting makes mommy happy

oh yes knitting its been my way to unwind for a while but this past couple of weeks i've been really working on it. my scarf that i've been knitting since i was pregnant last year is now 40 inches + long. i'm not really sure how long it is cause my tape measure runs out at 39 inches.
its quite relaxing for me lately with my daughter teething and my hubby talking about his job options.
i am still annoyed that i need to buy a new set of bamboo needles cause my cat may have chewed on one. i really loved this set of needles they were perfect and smooth now one has about an inch chewed on.
i have also decided on something, when i have the money i want to get a set of needles thru a ball of yarn tattooed on my leg for the fact i've kept with it for so many years even tho i hadnt knit so much til i was looking for something to do while pregnant.
i had learned to knit watching my mom then reversing what she did to make it work for me, now after 10 years its time for me to learn more i'm hoping to learn new things once this scarf is finished which hopefully is gonna be in a month or so.
well time to get back to my work this scarf aint gonna knit itself.

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