Saturday, April 15, 2006

yea thats right fuck my day up will ya!

why is it family can really fuck your day up? i make 2 calls to my folks to see about this weekends plans and now i'm upset and pissed off. i was really hoping to spend time with them but no cause my sister in law is in a fucking MOOD. fuck she just wrecked my good mood and prolly the rest of my weekend.
now i also have to possibly deal with my other brother finding out i'm talking to his ex-wife who i was friends with in highschool years ago. i didnt hate her when they split up i just never talked to her cause they were in another state.
what the fuck gives my family the damned right to run my life when i'm 25?! i put up with it for years now i have to pretty much make sure princess is in a good mood just for me to visit my parents cause they live with them..its my parents home i shouldnt need their fucking permission to take my daughter there to see her grandparents and her cousin. fuck i'm pissed off
i started crying til i got mad which was about 2 minutes then decided since i had this it was going here.
my husband hates how they interfer in my life, i've been told which friends they did or didnt trust plus the guys i had dated which ones they liked and which ones they didnt so i didnt get to learn from my mistakes. well fuck i got my chance to do it as an adult and damn it i'm gonna be friends with who the hell i want to damn it.
well i might as well find my daughters outfit and set it aside so she can get her easter bunny picture taken today cause i need some peace

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