Monday, September 11, 2006

musings from the insomniatic preggo woman

i have no clue if i even spelled that right.
its 230 am and my darling hubby gets up at 5am...hopefully i'll be asleep by then, hopefully.
tonight we took punkin to the bookstore(my fave place to be)and she was just the cutest, she kept trying to wave bye-bye to daddy and tried to make a new friend. she got away with getting a stuffed dog out of the night, she grabbed it off the shelf and gave it a kiss. after her having been sick for over a week we were more than happy to buy her the doggie(it also helped that she said mine! and doggie) plus our silly child ended up eating half of daddy's cheesecake and tried to get my coffee(she didnt get it, she got the cup when i finished it tho)
as for me, i'm in a creative mood and funk at the same time, my custom knit idea isnt working out and i dread the idea of orders finally coming in around late fall when my hands may be too swollen to do any real work(this is why my 8ft scarf took a year to make)
trying to make the spring addition a blanket and i hope this one will be a girl cause i'm going for white and pink(ummm boys can have some pink too right?)plus i have two other projects that may get torn apart and restarted like 2 or 3 times before i get what i want out of them
ya know i should go to bed but damn it i think i had a 3 or 4 hour nap earlier today and now i cant sleep. tomorrow should be fun
ooo that and
i may be crazy but i think i've felt this baby moving around(i'm 9w2d)i'm prolly just nuts and had too much chocolate today tho.
my next ob appt is the 27th

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