Monday, September 18, 2006

pregnancy + dr. pepper = blah

i should know better than to drink dark sodas when i know they made me gag before i got knocked up but i needed a drink and my usual drink of choice was downstairs so i grabbed the closer drink and now i feel like crap

other than that i'm feeling ok most of the time unless i cant sleep then i'm not a nice person

anyway next week i turn 26, i dread the idea of even celebrating my birthday most years cause usually its a disaster or i get the sorry too busy bs from people. hubby has to work that day and one of my SIL has something planned for me which was a big shock cause usually her and my brother give me an IOU....3 years in a row so i stopped doing things for their bdays, its not that i was mad its just that i got tired of the its the thought that counts effort.

i cant think of much else right now, i havent been able to work on my knitting and i cant get really into reading a book like i'd like to.
thats all i got for now my power cord crapped out again so i gotta fix it til the 1st

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