Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Random thoughts

it took me all day and if i had been smarter i would have just rechecked my template. i was looking for some logical answer to my dumbness at that moment.
anyway i've had a long time friend staying with my hubby and me this weekend and it took me til yesterday to realize i have no idea what some of my friends are like anymore as we've all gone our seperate ways and grown and in at least one case stayed immature. one friend is still at home, the other is in a dead end relationship of a few years with a child and i'm married with one kid. yet for 20 years we've been friends and probably will always be friends we just don't have much in common anymore.
i have online friends i feel i have more in common with these days. i have very little actual contact with people i physically know since i can only trust a few people now. i'm very cautious when it comes to people in real life. i removed myself from one group of friends due to a very stupid girl who wanted my husband, and a former boyfriend who got possesive of me long after the breakup. his alcohol problems helped seal the end of that friendship. i dont know what it is about me but people that i know in reality either try to fuck me over or just forget i exist and only call me or try to see me when they want something.
i know i'm running off at the brain but i've had alot in my head lately since my daughter was born that i cant put to paper or talk to very many people about.
things are so different now that i have my baby that even my own family has little to do with me unless they want something.
at least this way i save minutes on my cell phone since the only one who uses it is my hubby when he calls his family and that.
i shall end this post here and will post again after my friend has returned home. we're driving her back that should take most of tomorrow.

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MomSquared said...

Hey! Running brains are what blogs are for!
It's so hard to find really good friends, but I generally think that wasting time with bad friends doesn't help!
I hope you are having fun with Sarah!