Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me

well today is my 4th anniversary and i'm home with the baby. she's sitting in her swing falling asleep.
as for me i'm trying to get my kitchen clean cause it looks like total chaos and stinks. my trash can is overflowing and i'm just annoyed. i plan to set some house rules because we're supposed to move if we can move in a couple of months.
my kitchen is a mess underneath the dirty dishes and that, its going to take me hours to clean it yet in 2 hours i'm supposed to be hosting a chat.
chat hosting......i did this before for a year when i was trying to get pregnant now i do it for another board. hubby encourages me to do it since it makes me happy and occupies my time (time hmmm foreign concept to me since i spend 24/7 with a baby)
i finally went and did something for myself this past week, i got my hair cut and colored by a professional. i had my best girlfriend come along and offer her opinion. i trust her completely she tells it like it is and if you dont like it she'll tell ya to fuck off. we've been friends since we were 12 if thats anything. we're much closer as adults than we were in school. i was at her wedding in Nov and she is my daughters godmother. i even took her to the bar where she met her husband 3 years ago.
well anyway i have to get back to the dishes and that. *sigh* i might even have a drink later when punkin is asleep again. if she goes back to sleep

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